Florida Black Folks Society

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Florida Black Folks is a society of African Americans from Florida which strives to keep the heritage of African Americans in Florida alive, to preserve the facts and artifacts of the presence of black people in the southeastern USA and to attract younger generations to their people’s history. Situated in the north of Florida, the Florida Black Folks society has been in existence for the past 60 years and is still up and running. Florida, the southernmost state of the continental USA is the state with the second largest African American population in the USA, with more than 3 million residents being of black heritage. This is, in great part, a consequence of strong immigration from the Caribbean – Jamaicans, Dominicans, Haitians etc.


At Florida Black Folks society people are committed to keeping the knowledge and introducing people to the value of Black history. For example, in the society you can find information about the town of Eatonville in Florida, the first black town which was formed in 1887 after it was incorporated by 27 registered black voters. It was the first African American community in USA. Afterwards, more than a hundred of such settlements were formed, but today only about a dozen still exist. You can also learn about the American Beach.

In 1930, Abraham Lincoln Lewis, one of the first African American millionaires who made his fortune in the insurance business and was a major employer in the southeast – just like Miami Movers and Storage is today – bought about 200 acres of land, waterfront property near Jacksonville, Florida and created a place where his employees (primarily African Americans) and other blacks from all over USA can come and, in his words, “relax without humiliation”. American Beach remained the main beach resort for black folks all the way to the 70’s.

Ineria Hudnell, 91, of West Palm Beach was among the first black teachers to desegregate teaching staff. She spent four decades preseriving black history in her community.

Ineria Hudnell, 91, of West Palm Beach was among the first black teachers to desegregate teaching staff. She spent four decades preseriving black history in her community.

You can find many other interesting stories about the history of blacks in Florida, just like the one about Fort Mose, which was to be the first legal and free African American community in the North America, even before USA was formed. Fort Mose was established in 1738 when Manuel Montiano, who was governor of Spanish territory in North America, gave some land close to St. Augustine to the black people of Florida, were they made their settlement with a promise that they will participate in the defense of the Spanish Crown. Today, the area where Fort Mose used to stand (it was destroyed and its residents moved to St. Augustine) is a National Historic Landmark.

The Fort Mose Story

In the society you can hear interesting things about the Battle of Olustee, about the exploits of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry. In February of 1864, the largest Civil War battle in Florida took place near Olustee. The fighting went on for all day, but by nightfall, the 54th managed to force the union troops to retreat. The 54th is today famous because of the film “Glory” where the events at Battery Waggner were described and the unit became a household name in the United States.

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Troubles black people face in Florida

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Since the beginning of the time black people have been in disadvantage, even now days when we live in a modern world they still feel the consequences of past times. It doesn’t matter where they live, they all face the same problems and Florida isn’t any different.


They have lack of opportunity and safety, very large amount of them face loss of jobs due to a black color of the skin and their safety is jeopardy because people have prejudices regarding them and they are constantly under attack.

Their heritage will always fallow their financial status. Even families that are more successful and have been able to achieve middle class and escape troublesome neighborhood, have to constantly prove themselves and to prove their success. The have been able to land lucrative jobs, but many of them are still underpaid.

headonbookssmallMany black kids attend public school that are underfunded and they are racially and economically separated from other schools. Instead of learning how to become successful and educated young people they are in the early years of their life introduced to criminal and judicial system. And the gap between African American and white student is still growing. If they don’t have upper class and higher social status, they are forced to attend public schools.

One of the problems that never gone away is that racism still exists. There are people who still have stereotypes based on race and black people pay high price because of that. They’ve been disrespected and considered like a second – class citizens, which creates all sort of problems. They begin to have low self-esteem and forget to fight for themselves.

Poverty majorly impacts them and this leads to many problems, they can’t get proper education and there is a really high percent of incarceration of African American. They are much likely to be more pore then white people could ever be and this leads them to resort other solutions to find means to survive.

A new study shows a staggering number of black children living in poverty

They also have problems because of 53% of media portraits them in negative perspective. We now have the situation in musical videos, movies, shows where black people usually play some negative roll. Of course there are number of them who manage to fight for their place and respect, but not everyone can be Michael Jordan or Will Smith.


Health issues are on high level, among them diabetes, it is estimated that one in four African American women have diabetes. And they have 15% more chances to get AIDS then white women. Obesity is one of the major problems that follows African American community and women have highest rates compared to other women.

If the state and society doesn’t pay closer attention to these problem, their life and the life of their families will be in jeopardy. Even thou they are minority they should be treated equally and they should have the same wright as any other person. Until the state doesn’t solve these problem their destiny will be questionable.

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